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About Us 

This is our story

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Our Beginnings

The Mentoring Alliance Singapore (MASg) started in 2016 when our chairman, Mr Glenn Lim, had the privilege of sharing how mentoring had changed his life at a leadership awards ceremony. This sparked off a conversation with Senior Minister of State Sim Ann, who was the event’s guest of honour. 

In the following months, a series of dialogue sessions hosted by the Central Youth Guidance Office (CYGO) and the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY) with various Youth Service Organisations and Social Service Agencies quickly ensued. We soon realised that many agencies believed in, and actively integrated elements of mentoring into their programs.

Among these veteran mentoring practitioners were some individuals who were part of the former 2008 National Youth Mentoring Steering Committee.


We assembled a leadership team, which led to the formation of MASg. The steering committee consists of agency heads and individuals who are deeply passionate about growing a mentoring movement in Singapore. 

At MASg, we believe that Singapore's social landscape can be transformed through mentoring. Research shows that mentoring has a capability to develop a youth's character, value-system, and worldview that many programs do not possess. Thus, mentoring is what is most needed in preparing Singapore's next generation of leaders.

Join us in shaping the future of Singapore.

On the advice and support of NYC/MCCY, Mentoring Alliance Singapore Limited was incorporated on 12 June, 2019. As a company limited by guarantee, we are a non-profit organisation for the purpose of promoting mentoring culture activities.  For the ease of reference and linking to our humble beginnings, we maintain the name "Mentoring Alliance Singapore - MASg" 

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To foster an inclusive mentoring culture

in Singapore and promote mentoring

as a way of life through continuous 

engagement with the community

Our Mission

Every Youth Empowered Through Mentoring

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Our Vision

What To Expect


Community outreaches to

promote awareness


Developing a mentoring



Training and equipping for mentoring volunteers and coordinators

Our Milestone

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