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Community of Practice (COP) July Edition: Effective Training in Mentoring
Jul 07, 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM GMT+8
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The Mentoring Alliance Singapore Limited (MASg) is a ground-up initiative rallied around the cause of youth mentoring in Singapore.

The Alliance aims to promote a local mentoring movement, encouraging organizations and partners to foster positive youth development in the community.


It hopes to expand its membership as well as partner base, with the purpose of collaborating on initiatives to further its cause, so that every youth will have access to a mentor in his/her life!

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Past Events

The Mentoring Alliance Singapore  runs events and trainings throughout the year to equip mentors so we are prepared to help youths. 


Here are some of the past trainings and events that was conducted here at Mentoring Alliance Singapore

Lim Wee Lim


Mentoring Alliance

Singapore Limited 

Glenn Lim


Mentoring Alliance

Singapore Limited 

Vice Chairman,

Mentoring Alliance

Singapore Limited 

Ho Siew Cheong

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